The Weighton Waytes - ‘In the Year of our Lord, 1536′

Pilgrimage of Grace

Programme - by Carole Readman

  1. ROYAL PROCESSION - Brass fanfares, then Band plays Tudor style March as Henry VIII and his court enter.
  2. PROLOGUE (from Carole Readman’s new cantata “Someone”) - “Spiritu Sancto-” (Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so many men, for so many centuries have embellished this building to the greater glory of God).
  3. SOMEONE IN THE PAST (from “Someone”) - Vocal overture.
  4. TIME - The Ecclesiastes passage - “a time to be born, a time to die etc” - how all these phrases can be linked to 1536/7.
  5. OH HENRY! DO YOU WANT THE GOOD NEWS OR THE BAD? - Two minstrels outline the events of 1536.
  6. UBI CARITAS - “where love and charity are, there God will be…” The role of the monasteries such as Bridlington Priory before the Dissolution.
  7. GOD BE MERCIFUL UNTO US AND BLESS US - Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour sing this prayer.
  8. FOORTHE SHALL COME A WORME - The jester leads a light hearted interpretation of an old prophesy seemingly coming true in 1536.
  9. THE PILGRIM’S OATH - Robert Aske leads the oath taking, followed by the choir singing the oath in the style of a psalm.
  10. UPRISING! - Uprising handbells (rung upwards) set the atmosphere for this call to join the Pilgrimage of Grace - the Uprising. The men lead us out for the…

    —- INTERVAL —-

  11. THE PILGRIM’S HYMN - Written for them by a monk. Carole has set the words to 6 old tunes - please join in.
  12. WOUNDED - The pilgrim’s banner showed the 5 wounds of Christ. This short piece in 5/4 time represents the nails being hammered in. Lucy Bates represents Mary watching her son being crucified.
  13. THE LORDS PRAYER - You will hear Prof. S.A.J. Bradley recite this prayer in Latin, Old English and Middle English.
  14. BLUE TRANQUILITY - Focusing on the words “Father, forgive.” Here in Bridlington with the blue of the sky and the sea, we hear the names of some of those who died because of their involvement in the Pilgrimage of Grace - including Prior Wode and Robert Aske.
  15. REQUIEM - This is from Carole Readman’s new cantata, “Someone”, to be performed in Market Weighton on November 24th at 2:30pm. The words will be associated with Remembrance.
  16. SAINT FRANCIS’ PRAYER BEFORE THE CRUCIFIX - This is from Carole’s next Cantata, “Thy Will Be Done - The Crux of the Matter”, to be performed in Skipwith Church on May 11th 2014 at 2:30pm. The text includes the words “grant that we may be ready to die for love of your love, as you died for love of our love…”
  17. AWESOME (from “Someone”) - “How awesome is this place… this is none other than the House of God, and this is the gate of heaven… let us meet together in the House of God, a sacred space, where our forefathers praised God… this place is awesome… inspired by someone… our never changing God, with us today.”