St John of Bridlington

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St John of Bridlington

He was a Yorkshireman who:

  • became a famous saint.
  • grew up in the village of Thwing, about 6 miles from Bridlington.
  • became a canon of the Priory at Bridlington.
  • was later made the Prior (canon in charge) there.
  • was well known for his prayers, his study and his kindness.
  • died of the plague in 1379, aged about 59 yrs.
  • was recognised as very special by the Church and was made a saint.
  • became famous throughout the land and pilgrims visited his shrine in the Priory to say their prayers and ask for his help

Why was Prior John made a saint?

  • He was faithful in saying his prayers and in helping other people.
  • Often his prayers were answered by miracles.
  • These miracles brought help and healing to many people.
  • The best known of his miracles was the saving of five fishermen from Hartlepool who were caught in a storm on the sea near Bridlington.
  • The books about John the Prior mention 15 miracles while he was alive and 12 after his death in 1379.

Pope Boniface IX declared Prior John to be a saint on the 24th September, 1401.

Suggested Activities

  1. Imagine you lived in Bridlington in about 1400. Write a letter to a friend in Hull telling them about Prior John being made a saint and why you think this was happening.
  2. What sort of things do you think someone would have to do today to be recognised as a saint? Present a case for someone you think should be made a saint, setting out the reasons.