Stonecarving Workshop

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Date(s) - 04/05/2022
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Bridlington Priory Rooms


The monastic Priory must have been a hive of craft activity in stone, wood, glass and much more. To commemorate this, Priory 900 organized a series of workshops on alternate Saturdays throughout the season. Each workshop offered a small group the chance to work with an expertand practise some of the skills involved.

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Workshop Tutor: Stephen Carvill and Arran Adams

The medieval mason was not a monk but a highly skilled lay craftsman who combined the roles of architect, builder, craftsman, designer and engineer. Using only a set of compasses, a set square and a staff or rope marked off in halves, thirds and fifths, the mason was able to construct some of the most amazing structures ever built: Gothic cathedrals.

The men they supervised, who did much of the actual carving and laying of stone, were like modern skilled tradesmen, and many younger men still learning the trade worked on the building sites as labourers. All the stones were carved on the ground before they were set in place. Larger blocks were carved at quarries which made them lighter and easier to transport.

Most of the actual construction was done during the spring and summer months, allowing the mortar to set and the laid stones to settle over the winter. Breaking during the winter also gave the masons a chance to carve more stones for the following summer.

Stephen Carvill is a sculptor, painter and designer who has executed artwork throughout the UK, but specifically in St Paul’s Cathedral, Hereford Cathedral and more recently for the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park. If you look at large RAF badges flanking the entrance of the building and the lion heads on the sides, you will see his work.

After completing his Art Degree, Steve trained in Stonecarving and was awarded the City and Guilds National Medal for Excellence. He revels in the process of design and making art, he uses a wide range of media and will always look for inspiration to the subject and the materials he is using, feeling for his own way of bringing out the qualities from within.

Arran Adams is a very enthusiastic character who aims to share his experiences with those learners that he comes into contact with as part of his working life. A student himself, Arran is always looking to push the boundaries and expand his own knowledge and skills set. His interest in getting to know how things work and his diligence/infectious methods of enquiry place Arran in a good position for helping others to learn.

East Riding College is well placed for learning within the Heritage Skills sector. The Construction curriculum has responded well to the need for developing a range of traditional craft skills to ensure that these valuable industries are not lost. The college offers training in both Woodcarving and Stone-carving. These are delivered in small groups to ensure that an individual high quality learning experience is maintained for all.

The Aims of the Workshop
Participants became familiar with some of the hand tools and materials used in stone carving and created a small medieval-based relief carving or piece of lettering in limestone.

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