The Priory Mouse - Gilbert’s Corner

The mouse

This beautiful drawing of Gilbert de Mouse is by the very talented Lauren Cherice.

Meet Gilbert de Mouse, who has a very important job - he is the ‘spokesmouse’ and mascot for all our younger visitors during the Priory 900 celebrations.

He sees everything that is happening in the Priory from his mousehole, and is very happy to share his knowledge with you.

Gilbert was given his splendid name by Nichole, aged 9, who was the winner of our ‘name the Priory mouse’ competition (well done, Nichole!)

Gilbert Says…

What an exciting time to be a church mouse at Bridlington Priory - it’s 900 years old this year! I peeked out of my mousehole one morning to find the church full of people, singing and celebrating in wonderful clothes. There was food and drink, and I even had some of the fruit cake crumbs! Yum!
Priory Mouse

Gilbert’s Fact of the Fortnight Ask Gilbert!
CheeseSt John of Bridlington, Bridlington’s most famous Prior, was born in 1320 and grew up in the nearby village of Thwing. He was kind and caring, and it is believed that his many of his prayers were answered by miracles.

  • Can you describe one of the famous ‘miracles’ attributed to Prior John that resulted in him being made a saint? (Hint: you can read all about his life here – what an amazing man!)

  • King Henry IV and King Henry V both visited the shrine to St John at Bridlington Priory, but sadly it is no longer there any more.

  • See if you can find the stained glass window featuring St John of Bridlington when you visit the Priory! Visit this page to see what the window looks like, and ask a grown-up for help if you’re not sure.
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Do you have a question for Gilbert de Mouse? Is there something you would like to know about the festival, the Priory, or what it is really like to be a church mouse? Here is the place to ask!

With special thanks to Veronica Robson.