Priory 900 – Projects for Schools

The material listed here has been accumulated by a team of local historians to whom we are extremely grateful. These include John Walker, Richard Hudson, Brian Osborne, Barbara Mavis, John Wardle and Kate Sunley. They have used local sources wherever possible, with some assistance from other publications and the Internet. It has been collated by Penelope Weston. If you find any inaccuracies or errors, please let me know.

The 12 projects vary in length and focus. Some can be adapted for younger children (KS1), most are suitable in some form for KS2 and indeed KS3, while one or two are aimed at older students. Each one provides some information in words and where possible pictures. In some cases this is for the teacher to use and re-present as seems appropriate. There is no copyright on any of the material. There are also in most cases suggested activities, which can probably be adapted to suit your pupils, or you may have better ideas! No. 11, ‘Some Famous Priory People’, has a number of mini-biographies which could perhaps feed into other activities.

We will include a form you to complete to show what projects you may choose to use.

As children work on and complete a project, we very much hope that you will record this, with photos or scans of their work, or indeed video clips, which can then be uploaded to this section of the website, and – with suitable safeguards – made available for public viewing. In this way we will build a fantastic community resource.

As we are also developing associated Facebook and Twitter accounts for Priory 900, this is an additional way of keeping tabs on what is developing.

  1. A Seal for the Priory Celebrations
  2. A Rebus – a medieval picture-word game
  3. The Size and layout of Bridlington Priory Buildings
  4. Manuscript Writing Workshop(to be run as workshop sessions in the Priory)
  5. St John of Bridlington
  6. Pilgrimages and Pilgrims
  7. Priory Visitations (Secondary)
  8. Barns and Buildings
  9. Tunnels and Treasure
  10. The Dissolution
  11. Famous Priory People, from 1113 to the 20th century
  12. In a Monastery Garden