Sale of the Centuries

Most of the images below are from the famous Bridlington Priory Tapestry which can be seen in Bridlington Priory Church. The 18th Century is represented by the Anglican Clergyman Mr Wesley who visited Bridlington on several occasions.

The Beginning: 1113-1199 Expansion: 1200-1299 The Reign of the Saint: 1300-1399 Fame: 1400-1499 The Prior hanged, the Monastery destroyed: 1500-1599
Revolution: 1600-1699 Empire: 1700-1799 Restoration: 1800-1899 The Century of War: 1900-1999 Today and beyond: 2000-our future

Select a Century and have a look at what we already know. Then add your own contribution. History is about now as well as about the past. You are what you were. A bit.

Bridlington Priory has been going since 1113. That’s a long time. You may have memories of history from school or from family records. Whatever they are, share them with the rest of the world and post them for all to see.