Pilgrimage for All - Guide Booklet

If you took part in the Priory 900 ‘Pilgrimage for All’ from York Minster to Bridlington Priory and would like to keep the booklet as a memento, or if you are interested in walking this route in the future, you can purchase a printable PDF copy of the Pilgrimage guide booklet by completing the form below.

Please note that once you have completed the form, you will redirected to PayPal to proceed with payment for the printable PDF Pilgrimage guide booklet.

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The Pilgrimage Booklet

  • The Pilgrimage booklet contains sketch maps of the route and detailed descriptions for each stage of the York Minster – Bridlington Priory pilgrimage. It also contains a brief history of the Priory and its association with pilgrimages, photographs and information, a prayer for each day of the pilgrimage, and a page for collecting ‘stamps’ at each stage of the journey.

    The cost of the booklet is £3.00. After payment, the booklet will be sent in an email to the address provided above, in a PDF form suitable for you to download and print.