Name the Priory Mouse

The mouse

Every mouse deserves a name! Meet GILBERT DE MOUSE

The Priory Mouse was beautifully drawn by Lauren Cherice.

Did you know there’s a mouse in the Priory? In fact, there is quite a number of (wooden) mice, carved into furniture. Now the introduction of a new Priory mouse is planned, to be a spokesmouse for younger visitors during the Priory 900 celebrations in 2013.

But the mouse needs a name! So here’s a competition to name the Priory mouse for children aged 4-11. ‘Mickey’ really wouldn’t seem right for the Priory mouse, so the rule is that the name has to be one that was in use before 1900. You would get extra points if the name is linked in some way to the Priory (hint: it might be worth walking around the inside of the Priory to find possible names!) The mouse can be male or female. It would be good to get 900 entries – one for every year since the Priory was founded.

Entries must be in by January 31st, 2013.

Please note that entries are now CLOSED and the competition has been judged.

The winner is Nichole, aged 9, who chose the brilliant and inspired name ‘Gilbert de Mouse’ after two important figures in the Priory’s history. Walter de Gant was the Priory’s founder in 1113, and George Gilbert Scott was responsible for its Victorian restoration.

Two runners-up, Holly aged 6 and Conor aged 9, also chose the name ‘Walter’ after the founder Walter de Gant. Thank you all for your superb response to the competition, and a special thank you to the talented Lauren Cherice who created the newly named Gilbert de Mouse!