Responses to Conference

  1. david mooney says:

    well done David , after winning a Town Crier competition you brought the competition to Bridlington , this is the first time this has ever happened, it must put us on the map , don’t forget to visit the Old Town and visit the Bayle Museum and the Priory Church
    there is a guided walk around the Priory Church and old Monastery site at 2p.m. on the afternoon of the JULY 6th , for £ 2.00, ALL funds raised to the Priory funds.

  2. Phil says:

    These would look good printed onto canvas & put into your auction.

  3. Andrew Hirst says:

    Great to meet you both - we made it to Wallsend this afternoon - enjoy the rest of your pilgrimage

    • Nancy Eckersley says:

      Great to meet you all on the Hadrian’s Wall walk. Congratulations to you all completing the walk. Nancy

  4. Roger Fozzard says:

    Greetings from your fellow pilgrims from Beverley to Bridlington. Anthony led our morning prayer in the Minster and before we set off Evelyn led us in our Pilgrims song which we sang as we left the Minster. There were 19 of us as we left (Julie took the pictures) and our support party of Pat W and John F. They kept us well supplied with drinks and scones which were needed as it was a really a hot day (29 Celsius when we left Scorborough). We arrived at Watton slightly earlier than planned having only “lost” 5 pilgrims on the way (they were all planned, or so they say).
    We hope it will be cooler tomorrow when 10 of us set off for Harpham.

  5. Nancy Eckersley says:

    Thank you for your greetings fellow pilgrims - received after we have met up but it was a great moment at Boynton. Nancy