Celebrating the Journey: September/October

Bridlington Priory is one of the oldest Augustinian houses in England and a valuable Yorkshire heritage site. Priory 900, which this year celebrates 900 years since its foundation, has made it possible to organise ‘Celebrating the Heritage’, an ambitious Conference which will bring together people’s enthusiasm and expertise to give Bridlington Priory the attention it richly deserves.

A page of the Bridlington Breviary, one of the subjects of Priory 900′s ‘Celebrating the Heritage’ Conference.

‘Celebrating the Heritage’ Conference
East Riding College, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September 2013

Whether you’re an historian, a student or you are simply curious to know more about the significance of the Priory, you will be most welcome at this important two-day gathering with specialist contributors.

Papers will be given on aspects of the Priory’s political, religious and cultural history from 1113 onwards. There will be ample opportunity to talk with the speakers and share information where relevant.

The aim for the Conference is to provide discussion and deliberation of the highest quality which is also widely accessible to anyone with a genuine interest in this outstanding building and its complex history.

Topics will include Bridlington Priory in the context of late medieval England, the cult of St John of Bridlington, Augustinian life and liturgy, the impact of the Dissolution and the subsequent downfall of the Priory. An exciting new addition to the original programme, scheduled for Sunday 15th September, will explore medicine practice at Soutra, an early 14th century Augustinian hospital in Midlothian and the Borders.

To find out more and book your place online, please click here or telephone 07583432163.

The Priory 900 ‘Celebrating the Heritage’ Conference is supported by the National Lottery through the ‘Your Heritage’ programme of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Weighton Waytes
Friday 13th September, 7:30pm

The Weighton Waytes choir attracts members of all ages from around Market Weighton. With the help of narrators and soloists, they will perform ‘In the Year of our Lord, 1536′, a musical presentation of the Pilgrimage of Grace composed by the choir’s founder and conductor Carole Readman.

The cantata will be performed in Tudor costume and will involve 10 instrumentalists, soloist Lucy Bates, narrators led by Professor S. A. J. Bradley, and pianist John Boxall.

An excellent and enlightening evening’s entertainment for those who enjoy musical performance and Yorkshire history.

For further information and booking, please click here or telephone 07583432163.

The Binchois Consort
Saturday 14th September, 8:00pm

As part of the ‘Celebrating the Heritage’ Conference, the pure-toned Binchois Consort will perform sacred liturgical music originally written for the canons of Bridlington Priory, including a mass in honour of St John of Bridlington. This will be a unique opportunity to hear this poignant and atmospheric music sung by experts in its original setting.

Members of the Binchois Consort will also be present at the Conference earlier in the day to provide musical illustrations for ‘The Mass and Offices of St John of Bridlington’, a presentation by Philip Weller.

For further information and booking, please click here or telephone 07583432163.

Sailing to the Marvellous Mailshot

Sailing to the Marvellous
Bridlington Priory, Saturday 19th October 2013, 7:30pm (Tickets £5)

Sailing to the Marvellous’ is an innovative work of musical theatre by Cheryl Frances-Hoad and Adam Strickson, produced by Wingbeats for Bridlington’s Priory 900 celebrations. It explores the hopeful journeys we all undertake, whether we are spiritual or not, in search of refuge, friendship and belonging.

Childhood, with its sense of wonder and openness, is central to this colourful and musically adventurous performance. Local school children have contributed richly to the words and images of a piece that they themselves will sing, alongside musicians of national and international repute.

But this isn’t simply a celebration of the history of Bridlington Priory. The importance of its traditions of worship, welcome and sanctuary across the centuries are enhanced by compelling stories of contemporary journeys in search of safety, and enduring acts of generosity.

Runa (Natalie Raybould), the main character and soprano, is a young woman fleeing conflict in the Middle East in a leaky boat across the Mediterranean; and, appropriately, given the dedication of the Priory Church to St Mary, the story also explores the mother and child relationship, and the relationship between children who have lost their parents through war and people who care for them.

Historical, contemporary, deeply moving and relevant for our times, Sailing to the Marvellous is a theatrical celebration of the journey of life in the magnificent surroundings of Bridlington Priory, and a reminder of all those who undertake journeys in the hope of better lives.

For further information and booking, please click here or telephone 07583432163.

Looking back and looking forward…
The final Priory 900 events

The Priory 900 pilgrims arrive at Bridlington Priory. Photo © Noel Malone.

August 2013
Pilgrimage for All
Over the 2013 August Bank Holiday weekend, Priory 900 organized pilgrimage walks from York Minster to Bridlington Priory and from Beverley Minster to Bridlington Priory, as part of a six-month festival of events celebrating the 900th anniversary of the Priory’s foundation.

Bridlington Priory was a well-known Pilgrimage centre in the Middle Ages, famous for its shrine to 14th century saint ‘John of Bridlington’, and this Priory 900 event explored how the tradition is still alive today.

Both groups of pilgrims arrived at Bridlington Priory on Wednesday 28th August. The church bells rang splendidly as the pilgrims arrived walking down High Street to the Priory Church for a celebratory St Augustine’s Day service attended by more than 70 people, followed by a well-deserved festive meal at the nearby Bull and Sun pub.

Visit the Pilgrimage blog for a selection of photographs and entertaining, insightful accounts of the Priory 900 ‘Pilgrimage for All’ written by Priory 900 co-ordinator Penelope Weston, experienced walkers Nancy and John Eckersley, and churchwarden Anthony Halford.

Saturday 12th Oct, 7:30pm
Our Priory Story
‘Our Priory Story’ tells the history of our wonderful church as told by singers and players, supported by the Excelsior Brass Band, the Priory Handbells, the Priory Choir and Priory Organ. The various highlights are interspersed with congregational hymns, led by the choir, handbells and brass band.

The choir will sing ‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’, an anthem by Philip Wilby composed especially for this occasion. This truly celebrates the Christian journey of our Priory Church, bringing faith, hope and love to the surrounding community.

This evening will be a celebration, bringing together all those involved with Priory 900 over the whole six months – and looking forward to the next 900 years!

Sunday 13th Oct, 10:30am - 12:00pm
Priory 900 Closing Service
Sadly, the Priory 900 festival is nearly over. The Right Reverend Richard Frith, Bishop of Hull, will visit Bridlington Priory and bring the Priory 900 celebrations to a close with the celebration of Eucharist.

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